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Get Started on the Stronger, Healthier You

While Alameda Barbell is a pretty small practice, we can generally arrange time for private sessions. And there are occasional openings in our small group classes. Also, online coaching is now an option.

Initial Consultation

We’re happy to spend a little time discussing your personal strength-training and fitness goals to see if our services might be a good fit for what you’re after. Initial consultations are free, on the phone or in person, by appointment only. Email to schedule.

Private Training Sessions

We get together for two very focused hours. We can teach you the barbell lifts, evaluate your performance, develop programming, consult with you on nutrition and conditioning—whatever you need to make your training program as productive as possible. We won’t schedule a private session with you if you don’t have a plan to continue training that includes access to a facility with adequate equipment. It’s just not a good use of our time or your money. So keep that in mind before requesting an appointment.
COVID Update: I will not be offering in-person coaching until Alameda County clears gyms to open for, at least, outdoor services (I do have one outdoor rack). When the county has cleared indoor gym services, I will offer individual instruction once again.
$300 for up to two hours

Group Class

In our opinion, there’s no better way to get started lifting than a group class. The group is supportive, and when people are expecting you to be there, you’re more likely to show up. You also essentially get private training for a much more reasonable price. It’s as simple as that.
Troy’s group class meets Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 6:30-8:30pm. Heather’s group class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-9:00pm and Sunday from 5:00-6:30pm.
New trainees in the group class must either demonstrate reasonable knowledge of the squat, two-hands press, bench press, and deadlift during initial consultation OR complete enough private sessions (see above) to keep up with the class. For most people, that’s one or two sessions.
If all of that hasn’t scared you away from group, please email about openings. It’s a really fun experience that can radically transform your body and your well-being.
COVID Update: I will not be offering a group class until Alameda County clears gyms to open.

Online Coaching

This is our newest offering, and despite my doubts, it does seem to really work great for some clients. If you think it might work for you, get in touch and we can discuss it.
First of all, you must be at least somewhat experienced in the main barbell lifts. I have no confidence that I (or anyone else) can teach these complex movements without being in the same room with you. If you’re local, you can come in for discounted private sessions to learn the lifts (see below). I also require that you have access to a facility with adequate equipment for training on your own.
I offer two tiers of online coaching:
  • Personalized programming
  • Your questions answered by email (up to 5 per week)
  • Review, form check, and written feedback on one set per lift, per week
  • Discounted private sessions: $200 (up to two hours)
  • Personalized programming
  • Unlimited questions answered by email and text
  • Review, form check, and written feedback on one set per lift, per week
  • Discounted private sessions: $150 (up to two hours)

Email for more information