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Alameda Barbell: Strength Training in San Francisco’s East Bay

Alameda Barbell is a strength training studio. We’re located in Alameda in San Francisco’s East Bay. We offer personal training by appoint, online coaching, and a limited schedule of strength and conditioning classes featuring the Starting Strength model of barbell training. While Alameda Barbell’s services are a good match for anyone who actually wants to learn to training competently with a barbell, we seem to have specialized in older athletes (40+) training for the first time, those who are getting back into training, and those who have had a hard time committing to a program.


Troy DuFrene, MA, SSC

I’m a little unusual among Starting Strength coaches. Coaching is not my primary occupation. I’m currently training as a clinical psychologist and behavior analyst. This takes up a lot of my time. Most of my coaching takes the form of:

  • Private sessions for form checks,
  • Programming tailored to personal strength and conditioning goals,
  • and online coaching for folks out of the area.

We also offer small but focused group class that meets three times a week in our lifting studio in Alameda, but theses days and times are subject to change quarterly as my schedule changes.

My Background

I’ve been lifting for about ten years, and I passed the Starting Strength coaching exam in 2017. Since I’ve been coaching, I have seen a lot if clients who have dramatically changed their lives for the better doing the program. Whether your goal is weight loss, pain remission, or mood and general health improvement, I can say with confidence that I have seen clients who used the Starting Strength method to make that happen. But only if they actually do the program…

That is where my other line of work comes in. I am interested in strength-training programs as behavior interventions. Your commitment to lift three or four times a week is a major investment in your personal well-being. But if you can’t figure out how to make doing the program work for you, you won’t stick to it, and you won’t get the benefits from it. I often tell my clients that the most important workout is the next one. While I am not licensed to offer psychological or behavior analytic services (yet—do you hear that, ethics boards?), I offer insight from these areas to help my clients find the motivation and structure necessary to make training work in their busy lives.